what makes couple start a fight?

February 3, 2009 12:34pm CST
give examples or instances that you have encountered with your past or current relationships. there would a time that there would be no reason that started the fight. do you wonder about that sometimes? i do wonder about that. even if you didn't do anything bad or offensive or just even letting your partner be angry or mad at you but it will still end to be a fight...what do you guys think?
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@djemba (767)
• India
3 Feb 09
Fights are mostly caused when we fail to understand what our partners are saying because they mean a lot of words from their expressions and gestures which they expect us to understand the most the use them. This is the most silly and the major reason why me and my partner gets into fights. She always expects me to understand watever she is gesturing . So you have to be always on your toes to catch the gesture and perform according to that.
• Philippines
3 Feb 09
that what ladies do. my wife always give gestures that sometimes you won't get what they mean right away or not even know at all. it's up to us to anticipate with those gestures. they have these mood swings that you can't understand what they want and when the time you do know what they want then they won't like it anymore...good luck to us...lol
@mityang (13)
• Australia
6 Feb 09
examples? both of us love to share a lot about our life experiences...we find it really interesting & enjoyed it most of the time. it just arrives to a point wherein we will be teasing each other. from there, a fight blows up...i do admit that there are times i give out gestures that he can't get it. i think ladies in relationship usually have this character. coz ladies loves to think that their man is having his attention for her most of the time. she feels being loved by her man if he gets what she meant...hehehe...no offense guys...just scribbling w/ mylot!!!
• United States
6 Feb 09
I'll make it into a list -Miscommunication -holding a grudge -stress -not expressing what's really happening -stupid things -pride
@checapricorn (16066)
• United States
4 Feb 09
[i]Hmmm....There are little things that will lead my hubby and I to fight and mostly it's my fault! LOL! I am very stubborn by nature! LOL! Like when he will arrive from work and tell me to get dress because we will eat out and he wants me to move like a superwoman, hehehehe! I want also to take my time and blame him why not calling me prior and telling me about this plan! But, all those little fights will just end after few minutes! LOL![/i]