Any one out there use the Derma Wand????

United States
February 3, 2009 3:16pm CST
While watching HSN a couple weeks ago I was intrigued by the performance of the Derma Wand. The price was right with an additional 15% off and free shipping so I ordered one. Before it arrived I checked the HSN website and saw so many complaints about it that I wish I had not ordered it but it was too late as the item was on its way. Well, I thought, I will try it and send it back. I did not get the effects they showed on the program, but one thing it did do was increase the circulation in my face. I have been fighting adult acne and at my age (48) I believe part of it is hormones going wild (pre) menopause. I used it for the few minutes it said in the A.M. but at night I end up using it about 30 minutes. Once you get started it is hard to put down. I use it on the level 3 all over my face and around eyes and for problem pimples on 11 which is high. Wal Mart sells something called a Zeno for $99 that does this same thing...emits an electrical shock like the static shock when someone touches you after crossing a carpet but that is ONLY for pimples. Well within using the first 2 days, I noticed my complexion clearing!! The pores have shrank and the zits are drying up. I did notice it has made my skin a little drier which works for me because I have oily skin. It could be due to the amount of time I use the thing also. I did not tell anyone I ordered this and the other day while shopping at Target my friend asked me again what primer I was using on my face as she wanted to get some. (it is the Monistat Chafing Gel, but that is another post). I did not tell her I was NOT wearing any primer under my mineral foundation. The Derma wand is making my skin so much smoother it looks as though I have an under foundation primer. I love this thing. The only way to get this away from me is to pry it from my cold, dead hands. I take great care with it as it has a glass tip on the wand that will break. It is fascinating to watch as you can see the light at the tip and when it touches your skin it gently zaps you unless you have it up on high which then you feel it! If anyone out there has wondered about it, get one, you will love it. It did not jack my eyebrow up to my hairline like the demonstration on HSN, but I basically bought it for increasing circulation and hydration of my skin and it is doing just that!
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• Philippines
3 Feb 09
i am happy for you, my friend that, that dermawand did wonders for you. ihave encountered it also as shown on television. yet, i have never ordered one becuase i have some doubts concerning the truthfulness of those claims. it is good that you have brought this up in our community. i am also into menopause just recently. we all know the effects of going through this stage on our health. all of a sudden i have started to age dramatically. my children have commented on how older i suddenly have become these days! but is still have some doubts about ordering the product. i have some products ordered before and they were never able to deliver the effects as claimed. maybe, this time i will make an order once and for all.
• United States
3 Feb 09
Hi and thanks for the comment. I hope you try this product out. I watched it several times on air before I decided to order it. As I said, it did not hike my eyebrow up like the lady on the program, but then she has had one for years and uses it daily and knows how to get it to do that. I am just happy to look a little better than I did before. It is very expensive on their website so if you try one, go to HSN. Ebay is expensive also as the ones on there are way overpriced. I use it about 5 minutes in the morning as I don't have a lot of time, but in the evening, look out! It has been about 30 minutes each night. I think the longer you use it the better it works. As I said, my best friend wanted to know what primer I had on so it must have made some difference. I am still not telling I have it, as I want to see what is noticed after using it for a month. I hope you try it and it works well for you. I am 48 and although I am not ashamed of my age, I do not want to look any older than necessary yet! I read online at HSN how many complaints there were, but I don't think those people used it very long. Three minutes is just not long enough to expect any changes. It is not a miracle but does get the circulation going and seems to hydrate the skin. The texture of my skin is better. Your skin turns red from better circulation and there is a smell when the light probe hits your skin. Not bad like burning skin but you can smell it. If you order one to try let me know how it works out for you! Take care friend!!