Valentines Day - Love is in the Air

February 3, 2009 10:02pm CST
I know most of us here, celebrates Valentines Days. A romantic card, mood music, a heart full of candy or flowers or jewelry or perfume, a dinner date are some of the traditional things to do on this special Day. So Guys what do you expect and need to make you Valentines day memorable? Valentines day can be fun, but truly showing love to someone is not about cards and hearts, it's about LOVE and TRUST and CARING and SHARING and KEEPING your mind and heart open to trying to accept and understand another person... My memorable Valentines day was last year 2008. When my husband made a reservation of one of the restuarant here in my city, and was raining really hard, and when we got there somebody took our table ( UNFAIR right, the restuarant was almost full), so they gave us another table and we have nothing to do with it since we already hungry. When about to go home, we cannot find any taxi and its been raining really hard. So what we did WALK N THE RAIN on the way to our hotel (with formal attire lol) i found it really romantic and the most memorable Valentines Date, some people who saw us they smiled i guess they found it cute bcoz im a FILIPINA and my HUSBAND is DUTCH...I even heard somebody said WOW Romantic LOL.. So how about you guys, what are your unforgetable memories on Valentines Day? And, What do you expect and need to make your Valentines Day Memorable??
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