It works! Watch The L Word on DVR or TiVo

United States
February 4, 2009 1:17am CST
Why? That way instead of suffering through an hour of whining and bad plot twists, it takes 15 minutes! This past Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday. I didn't think about The L Word.Thankfully, I have Showtime On Demand, so I watched it tonight.It was great to have the power to fast forward over Shane and Jenny, Phylis and Bette and still know exactly what has happened.Back in the day when one of my soaps had a bad plot twist, I would just stop watching , cold turkey. But since this is the last season, I can't. This way I can see without really seeing.If you hate these plot twists as much as I do , try watching it on TiVo or DVR or On Demand, it is a G-dsend.
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