@Tall89 (10)
February 4, 2009 7:49am CST
Do we men mean what we say or say what we mean.Decode this statement
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@Mamakavi (63)
• Kenya
11 Feb 09
Guys are generally very straight and direct about everything except relationships. Kinfly explain to me from a guy's point of view: what do you mean or want when you kiss and neck with me (and almost sleep with me) and spend every free moment you have with me, but you don't consider that you're in a relationship? Am I just your kissing fried, or what are you thinking? Tall89, I'm as lost as you are...and you're a guy!
@bows280 (184)
• Romania
4 Feb 09
If your phrase is "Do we mean what we say or say what we mean" Than the meaning of what you say is what you mean to say and the saying is the meaning of what you are saying Isn't that equal? Either way this is a very strange you are saying Wondering what do you mean....