What causes acne?

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@ana3173 (420)
February 4, 2009 9:21am CST
sometimes this is my problem, i have three acne on my face. i hate this when i have something pops out on my skin.there are many reasons thought to be possible causes of acne. one is hormonal changes, heredity certain drugs, and make up could all contribute to this condition. the causes of acne on my face sometimes is i forgot to clean my face, wash my face at night. i eat chocolates, foods seem to have little effect on the development and course of acne in most people. The exact causes of acne is unknown but the doctors believe it results from several related factors, the increase in hormones during teenage years is the one reason, hormone changes, birth control pills,heredity and cosmetics too can also cause of this condition. there are chemicals that are being put into the cosmetics that can trigger acne, some of them cause skin irritations, so we must be very careful in choosing a cosmetics. so we should be cleansed out thoroughly because leaving it would not give skin a chance to breathe. Acne research believe that greasy cosmetics may alter the cells of the follicles and make them stick together producing plug
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@grammasnook (1877)
• United States
4 Feb 09
If you have true acne you need to see your doctor for some medication, acne is bacteria caught in your skin. Now if it is a pimple here and there then it could be a reaction as you described above. Talk to your doc. My son had acne and they gave him a strong antibiotic that got rid of it. good luck