Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen one?

February 4, 2009 10:17am CST
Some of my fellow nurses said that they felt the ghosts in the hospital, some said they saw ghosts, they saw a child playing at the corridor in the middle of the night and some said the the ghosts tried to scare them while they where sleeping, they have a lot of different eerie stories. I work inside the nursery unit, I do take care of the newly born babies, some complains from the outside that babies inside the nursery never stop from crying, the truth is I make sure that babies will be immediately attended to refrain them from crying. I just cant understand why they keep on saying that babies are crying wherein fact everytime I will check on them they are sleeping like angels. One time, the next shift nurse is on her duty, no babies at the moment inside the nursery, what is eerie is the nurse from the outside approached the nursery nurse to check on the baby crying inside her unit, the nursery nurse said that she has no baby inside.... Do you have an eerie story? I've never seen any ghost and I dont want to see one either because am not ready to face them. I might get a heart attack anytime if I get to see one.
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@sacmom (14315)
• United States
5 Feb 09
I didn't always, but I do now. I've seen a ghost before, though I wouldn't really say that it was eerie. My mother and I had been in the living room in the apartment we had been living in. Both of us saw a shadow pass through in the hallway on one of the walls, yet no one was there. After it went through the hall a breeze followed, yet we didn't have any type of fan on, nor were any windows open. A familiar scent of Jean Nate body splash was there as well, yet neither my mom or I ever wore it. We can only assume it was my (maternal) grandmother saying goodbye to us as she had just passed away a short time before this happened. That and Jean Nate was her favorite after bath body splash. There was no other explanation... That was almost 18 years ago.
@Jezebella (1446)
• United States
4 Feb 09
There are times when I do believe in ghosts. I have been watching Ghost Hunters on television and there are times when they capture really unexplainable things, like one time they cause a figure on camera and you could see his face and it wasn't anyone on the team or staff and it was there on frame gone the next.
• Philippines
5 Feb 09
I also watch unexplainable stories, where they leave the stories unanswered and its up to you to think of the answer. I like watching stories like that where the involved people were interviewed. And they too, cant answer it themselves, it was really scary which makes me believe that there are really ghosts.
• Philippines
6 Feb 09
I do believe in ghost though i havent seen yet but i knw they exist..and some people really encountered alredy with this kind of supernatural thing..