How can you live without warm water???

February 4, 2009 10:31am CST's really unbelievable.There's no warm water in the house in such a cold weather!!It seems the landlord is not take his responsibility about us.After some no answer call, it's still no work!I even think about move out,but the cheap rent is a big attract.So you guys just give me some suggestions,what can I do now?
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• United States
5 Feb 09
hmmm cold warm water...did you leave the faucets dripping? cuz if you didn't that = frozen hot water pipes.
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• Canada
5 Feb 09
Well~ there's only have cold water, and only small current...In the morning, there's even no water upstairs...
@SuzyLong (775)
4 Feb 09
Has the bill been paid? as we have problems with our hot water when the gas has run out so we just put more money on our payment card. But if it is down to the land lord, do to your local authorities like the council or police and report him as you shouldn't have to live like that.
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• Canada
5 Feb 09
Thanks so much for your attention~Well, I don't know whether or not the landlord paid the bill~but I ask him to make sure the payment have done.The landlord said that maybe somewhere frozen, we only can do now is waiting the temperature rise.But it's totally all rubbish!!I can't believe that~ Anyway,Thank you so much for giving me your in time help~That's so kind~
@Emmamoon (23)
• China
6 Feb 09
Hi,my friend If I'm not wrong,you are a Chinese like me.We both living in China.I'm now living in school,and you living outside by renting house.My room in school has no warm water for drink or even bath.I can give you a bad method that using hot drinking water by adding some cold water to bath,of course,you must use a tub. Enjoy mylotting!
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
9 Feb 09
In a cold country I believe hot water is necessary. If a person in a chilly weather washes in cold water they could get ill. I think cold water is fine in a tropical country and in that case it can be quite refreshing. If I was in your situation I would boil and kettle to have a basin of hot water mixed with the cold water that is available. I hope that you tell your landlord and get hot water soon. Good luck.