The Downloading Community® Survey

February 4, 2009 12:50pm CST
This survey is for benefit of internet community.To take part in this survey simply answer the questions below to see how you fit. You may only answer questions that you wish to and leave others blank. Questions: # Has the new rapidshare 2.6GB rule that was recently introduced (It may not affect you yet) made you change your view on rapidshare? If it has in what way? # What would you choose to be an alternative to rapidshare if you had to? And Reasons why? # At this current time where do you hold valid premium accounts? # If you hold any, when its time for them to expire will you be renewing them? # What size of archives do you prefer uploaders to split to if needed? # Do you download files that are password protected? # Do you prefer speed or quality of an upload? # Do you take post count or other such things into consideration when choosing files to download? # Any other information you would like to add to this survey? Its a one of its kind survey.Thank you very much for your time
1 response
@epson123 (14)
5 Feb 09
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