Counter Strike!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 5, 2009 12:12am CST
Is there anyone who played this game.If you good experience with this,please can you provide some tricks and chits for this game.If you are expert please guide me how to improve quality or prepare for any competitions which are most often used to play on LANS...Thank you.
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• United States
9 Mar 10
i love to play counter strike. it is one of my favorite online games. i have been playing the game for a while. i am pretty good at the game. it is addicting.
@face05 (16)
• India
12 Jul 09
Cs is all about passion, if you have passion for Cs then don't spoil it with cheats and all that invalid things, do practice to improve your AiM, Movement, gameplay n all. Practice makes man perfect :)
• India
2 May 09
its the best example of "practice makes perfect" game. Dont ever think of cheating. It'll take all the fun out Anyway there are many great tips you can find on the internet
@amitnaik (471)
• India
22 Mar 09
It is the best LAN game i have ever has some tricks like kill bots,freeze bots,and many more.there are some commands that are to be entered in console key. i always play without cheats and that makes enhances your playing skills. if you want to learn it completely then you should play missions (i.e. the first link). so enjoy the game....!!
@sagnik42 (3598)
• India
13 Mar 09
seriously...there is no fun in cheating...specially when it is cs... just practice and improve your skill...compete with your friends and have a blast!!!!
@clickicy (571)
• Indonesia
18 Feb 09
Accuracy... yes I love that word. Accuracy in aiming your weapon is needed. "Shoot it right in the head" is the fastest way to kill your enemy. Okay, always use kevlar and helmets... makes your lifespan increase a bit... Use light riffle or even nice pistol can makes a different in your agility. Don't cheat is my next advice. Cheat making you less aware... make you a bit weak in the future.
• Philippines
17 Feb 09
Accuracy is you best choice, Practice your aiming and don't use cheats, You need to think fast too ^^
@shinkai03 (114)
• Philippines
11 Feb 09
We usually play this game battling with our friends for money,, lately we won 5 times straight we won money of course,, 2 versus 2 sometimes 3 on 3 battle, if you like a cheat on this just add me as friend to give you other details..
@VorTy01 (36)
• Romania
9 Feb 09
Hey there, I'm also playing Counter Strike for about 5 years now and I can say i aim pretty good. I used cheats for a few months, about 3 years ago, but never used again since than. It's not worth it :) As a previous poster sais, if you have a good time playing, keep doing that. If you're just annoyed by stupid admins, change the server, or the game :)
• Pakistan
9 Feb 09
i will let you know the cheats and tips on this
• Pakistan
9 Feb 09
hey buddy we have a team of 5 dudes..we play at gaming zone..yea there are many tips and cheats to this game
• Indonesia
5 Feb 09
chits?? dont play game with chit.. this game need practice.. need accuracy.. need concentrate.. and need team coorporate to win this game.. happiness is priceless.. if this game can make you happy,, this game is also priceless.. dont break it whit cheating..