Is it fair that your man asks you to pay him rent.

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February 5, 2009 5:14am CST
when two people are in a relationship and live together is it fair for the guy to ask the girl to pay him rent. And put money towards things like a hot water heater and refridgerators and things like that. I live with my boyfriend in a 24ft trailer and well he has me paying like 200 a month for rent and he has me putting my money towards hot water heaters and it just seems like he is after my money all the time. I have my own bills i have to pay and he doesn't help me out with any of them but yet i have to help him pay for a water heater. I have to pay for my car to be smogged, registered, and a good tune up. Not to mention 125 dollars to get the suspension off of my license and if you add all of that up it is coming out to be 500 dollars or more. I need to take care of me and my kids and he can take care of himself cause he makes more money than i do. but is he going to help? no he isn't. How am i going to pay for my bills when i am paying for his stuff. I only make like 6 hundred a month and well i hardley have any cash left after getting through paying him. What am i to do to rectify this growing problem.
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5 Feb 09
I am the boyfriend. I am the main manager and responsible for making sure ALL the bills get paid. Believe me, I'd rather she was more responsible and able to manage ALL the bills to make shure ALL the needs are met, then I'd rather let her have the job! I know that sounds bad. I am 35, and she is 27. I have been on my own for years, and she is used to living with family. I don't ask her to pay "me" rent, but to help with the rent. I don't want to feel used either, so I think it is important that she shares responsabilities and help pay for things. She talks about how I won't help out, but she doesn't mention all the things I do and have paid for with out any more compensation than just knowing I am doing the right thing. Her fine for her DUI that she got before I met her was HUGE ! but I did help pay for it. I think it's fair to mention that she has made it very plain from the beginning that she has no intention of helping me in any debt I incurred before we met (i.e. credit cards, traffic ticket, etc.) The truth is, most families these days are a 2 income family who both contribute to make it happen, and that's all I'm really looking for in this. I don't think it is unreasonable to have some financial responsibility. Sometimes I feel that she wants the benifits of being together, but not the responsibility. I just want her to be a part of the "team" and be happy knowing she is investing in a better life for us, and our children.