how do you review?

@AikaruJ (281)
February 5, 2009 8:26am CST
i watch tv and/or listen to music while reviewing. i also eat a lot of chocolates while reviewing. for me, its more comfortable to review that way. How do yo review?
3 responses
• Canada
5 Feb 09
Yeah, I review things while watching TV as well. It's a lot more comfortable when I'm home alone. I do tend to get distracted sometimes, but at least I'm not as stressed as I would be without the TV
@rucker (48)
• United States
5 Feb 09
what are you reviewing and are you makeing money at it! if you are then do tell
@Zezloler (497)
• United Arab Emirates
5 Feb 09
Whoa, isn't it difficult to concentrate while watching TV? =O That's interesting, I've never heard of someone who reviews that way before. =P I usually write all my notes down again, because I'm a writing learner. Reading it over a hundred times won't help me as much as if I just write it down once, because then it somehow all goes down in my head. It's time consuming, I must admit, but it works! ^_^