who are you like on house?

United States
February 5, 2009 9:00am CST
i am like house, bitter callous and mean. in a strange way caring. i even surround myslef with people that resemble his original staff. how about you?
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• United States
11 Feb 09
I am very caring and rather annoying about it sometimes. I also try to be there for everyone whenever I can be. I give money away like people give away candy. I think i am like wilson and cameron. I love being around people with house's personality and chases. So my life is full of House characters.
• United States
6 Feb 09
I think I'm 3/4 House and 1/4 Wilson in terms of personality. Most of the time, I find myself blunt and annoyed with the people around me. I care about the people I like though and defend them passionately. If you love house, you'll love http://tinyurl.com/housevids.
• Mexico
6 Feb 09
Yeah,I am a mix between House and Cameron...I mean,sometimes I´m sweet,caring and I like to worry a lot about other people feelings like Cameron but most of the time I like to being alone and make sarcastic remarks about everything,like House