Unemployed?! Oh No... Not Again!

February 5, 2009 11:31am CST
After a few blocks from wisma Indocement in Jl. Sudirman Jakarta, I stopped and found something to sit on and wiped my sweaty forehead. I still couldn't believed I just got laid off. How would I tell my wife? What would I feed my children with? This was the third time I got fired this year. I had thought I had done my best. I had never came late to the office, I had always wiped the office floor clean, delivered coffee on Pak Agung's desk before he arrived, tea on mbak Lusi's desk along with the 'gorengan' she had given the money a day before for, delivered the morning papers to those who subscribed... not to mention cleaning the toilets. Still.. I got fired.. again... the third time.... just because I had taken all the money from pak Agung's wallet which I had found left on his chair? It is just so unfair....!!
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