Do You Hiss at Your Cat?

United States
February 5, 2009 12:58pm CST
I hiss at my cat when she is on the fur or doing something she should not. When I do it she is not scared she gets off and when I look at her she looks away. I growl at ,my dogs also. They put their heads down tail between legs and hide under the table in the kitchen. I know it sounds crazy but when my ct does not want the dogs around me she hisses then comes next to me. The dogs growl at each other over food and they growl if they do not want the other near me. They do not speak english, I am not going to roll up paper and beat them. but they seem to understand growl and hiss from me means "NO". If my kids do it they growl back, The cat hides. I have never been growled at or hissed at in my home. And I am followed even to the bathroom all 3 dogs and the cat follow me all around the house.
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5 Feb 09
I do make a hissing noise when our cats act up, like clawing at the furnature. They have learned that this means "no" and stop immediately. I think you have the right is their lanquage. I've never growled at the dog though. He is pretty trained in "human speak" and knows what "no" means. But I think it is a great idea, especially for new pet owners looking to train their pets.
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7 Feb 09
My dogs understand no they are just spoiled and they like to ignore me but if I start screaming they hide like little kids. My dogs try to talk and it is cute because they get very fraustrated expecially my chihuahua. She trys to tell us when they are barking what they are barking at. She scares me at times cause I think she will