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@mrsl2008 (635)
February 5, 2009 4:17pm CST
I have a gorgeous King Charles Cavalier spaniel called Louis (If you like your history, that should make you smile), we recused him after his previous owners partner went into hospital with cancer and he could no longer be cared for properly. His hair get very long, very quickly. I bath him at home and he is clipped at the groomers on a regular basis but I am wondering if I should get him clipped short except for his ears due to him being grabbed all the time by my 11 month old. Louis' groomer thinks I'm crazy as he was a show dog many years ago & is great looking but I'm thinking pracital. Do I or don't I give him a big boys hair cut??
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6 Feb 09
Well, in my own humble opinion, it's YOUR dog, not the groomer's! Who cares if he used to be a show dog? If he's not in shows now, what does it matter? If it would be easier for you with a baby in the house and more comfortable for the dog, do it! Do you live someplace where he would get cold if you cut his hair? If not, then go for it! Good luck!!