Common Spelling Mistakes or Word Mix-Ups.

@sahmof2 (274)
United States
February 5, 2009 9:53pm CST
Everyone already know that english is very, if not the most difficult language. Typing fast makes you mistakenly put on word when you are trying to type another, I know I have to double check to make sure I write the right word in a sentence.(See I just did it without even trying, just part of the english language. write:right). I'm going to write a list of the mix-ups I make typing fast. Fill free to add to it. fill, feel, fell, right, write, rite, most, must, moist, alot, a lot, no, know, now, known, non, none, noon, think, thing,tired, tried, there, their, sure, shore I can't think of any more else right now, I'm tired. Besides I'm going to leave some for the next person, as I stated fill free to add to it.
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