Double Standards of Men and Women

United States
February 5, 2009 10:11pm CST
Anyone know any good double standards of men and women? When I started this discussion, I was thinking of the double standard where, when a male teacher sleeps with a female student, he's a perverted pedophile and he's lucky if he gets 10 years in a maximum security prison, and the student's a victim, whereas if a female teacher sleeps with a male student, she's a pervert and she'll get 3 years in prison with 7 years house arrest (I'm speaking in particular of the Deborah LaFave (or however you spell her last name) incident) and the student's a victim in the eyes of the cops and a hero in the eyes of his friends. I was also thinking of how some women (and I mean "some" as in the minority of women, but they seem to be the most noticeable) complain about equality when things don't go in their favor. I remember an ex-girlfriend of mine putting it pretty simply with one example: those women (again, the minority) want to get paid like a man, but want to work like a woman (I don't really get what the difference is, but maybe they're not expected to work as hard or as much or something?).
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