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February 5, 2009 11:03pm CST
As an Avon Representative, I sell a lot of cosmetics and fragrances. Everyone has their favorite. I know I have mine. What is your favorite fragrance made by Avon. Currently, my favorite is a fragrance from our younger line, Mark, and is called Karmala. I love it! It's nice and light, not real strong. My favorite men's fragrance by Avon, is one that is endorsed by Patrick Dempsey, called "Unscripted". I absolutely love it!!
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@xhaylea (363)
31 Mar 09
I love all avon products, even though they don't always come cheap, but they are good, and my favourite for makeup and fragrances. My friends mum does the avon, and even if i dont buy anything i look through the avon catalouge, i love those smelly pages where it smells of different fragrances.
@scgodess (105)
• United States
31 Mar 09
To tell you the truth i haven't smelled most of the newer fragrances. I thought i might have liked the tahitian perfume but when i got a sample i wasn't crazy about it. I do like Haiku and rare pearls though. I love light, fresh fragrances. Nothing spicy, woodsy or musky. I don't like Imari. For some reason i got 2 bottles of it one year and ended up giving them away. What can you recommend. Typically i like these fragrances: Escada pacific paradise Clinique Happy Heart Be Delicious Romance for Woman Does avon have anything close to any of those fragrances or along the same lines?