What is kickboxing.........

February 6, 2009 1:09am CST
Kickboxing sports which is fast and dynamic modern martial arts system. It requires a high level of fitness both mentally and physically and is a dynamic and effective martial art. It incorporates kicking, punching, sweeping and throwing. In Kickboxing there are three main disciplines excluding the fitness regime of Cardio Kickboxing and all competitors practitioners must wear the appropriate safety equipment. Hello friends thats is a my point of view, whats ur..... Hello friend I start a blog related to martial arts.....and write articles on it..... please help me by sending a good article related to martial arts its helps all martialartist to increase thier knowledge..... check this blog and tell me whats is wrong on it and what i do to make this popular ..... http://kickboxing-haryana.blogspot.com I am not able to update daily. due to time shortage..... My email id is tilakpunn@yahoo.com thanx and reply plz
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