wud u call me a loner..

@gemini13 (333)
February 6, 2009 7:43am CST
i was the only child of my parents..raised in a far away place from our native town..so it was pretty much me , mom and dad..then i lost both of parents in different accidents..and ..i used to take time and make journal entries very regularly..but i was always there with my ..we never had any popular gang or anything..i was quite known in my college..i participated in stuff..through which i was recognized by friends and seniors..but now..after my marriage..when i get time..all i want to do is..sit have a nice cup of tea/coffee and sit on net find new things..its like..i find peace here...i have a big family..which always gathers up for every small occasions..i can be host for them enjoy the gathering..but not always...sometimes..i really freak out and feel like i need a break...does that make me a loner...!!!????
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