What's life?

@Informer (803)
February 6, 2009 8:05am CST
Did u ever try to understand what life is all about? What it want us to do? We all are just living our life. We get up in the mornng then go for work then come home and go to sleep. It's our normal routine, Has GOD created us for only this or we have something to do? I am confused, What's life is all about? What's life?
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
6 Feb 09
here is one tip you should consider. do not complicate things by asking what life means, it will only make you miserable trying to find answers to a no answerable question, you may get frustrated and do something bad. here is the key, just live a life, enjoy it. life is a journey it is not a task, so you do not have to ask what to do ,just do things right. if it is a journey, you will encounter detours so you have to ask for directions to lead you to the path where you want to go. life is a journey to cultivate your spirit. if you believe in heaven , then it is a medium to reach heaven, or if you believe in nirvana, it will teach you the several steps to achieve that state. so, do not ever question life , it is like questioning your God.
• India
6 Feb 09
ya definetly god as given such a beautiful life and i choose to go on with my life in a great and honest way and a good way so that i dont carry evils when i die do everybody have this feeling for there life and want there names embarked on heaven happy mylotting good post