is a pit bull really mean to begin with or do HUMANS create the anger??

United States
November 9, 2006 1:34pm CST
i thinks its humans all the way!! how can u call these dogs horrible when HUMANS are MAKING them fight!! they have no choice except to defend themselves! every pit bull i have met was like a big baby trying to get in my lap!
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@lizabeth (666)
• United States
10 Nov 06
I think Pit bulls are gentle breeds. They are wonderful dogs with kids and people. Pit bulls are not human aggressive dogs. When owners start mistreating their dog and teaching them to attack and fight, then they have a problem on their hands. If you give them love and teach them to be good thats what they will be. I have had several pit bulls and all have been friendly and loving dogs. They are no different than any other breed yet they get all the attention on being vicious dogs. Their are labs, chihuahuas, dobermans, dalmations and other breeds that are just as vicious yet you don't hear people shouting ban them.
• United States
10 Nov 06
i huband thinks that groups of ppl are just always out to get some chows, then rotweilers, etc. but ive met dogs of those breeds and they are all loving! the rotweiler was my friends dog and he was like 10 year old when i met him... he was an inside dog but he was one of the biggest rots ive ever seen. at first i was nervous but i ended up sleeping on the couch with him...he was bein my pillow..haha
@meeoww (1174)
• United States
20 Nov 06
Pit bulls are some of the most loving (and wonderfully playful) dogs that I've met. Here's a story for you. When my bro-in-law was growing up, his friend had a female pit bull. She would lay out on the front porch while the kids played in the yard. When someone came to walk past the house, she would get up and walk length of the yard at the edge of the sidewalk, always staying between the person walking and the kids. When they reached the end of the property, she would go lay back down on the porch! Is that awesome or is that awesome?!?!
• United States
14 Nov 06
I definately think it's the people that make them mean. I have 4 Pit Bulls right now...they all get along really well with each other. They also love the kitten that I have & they have never shown any sort of agressiveness towards people. My one dog doesn't like my brother or his g/f, but that's because they were mean to her when she was a puppy. They're the only people she doesn't like though.