United States
February 6, 2009 5:25pm CST
So, sometimes within the next few weeks I will be proposing to my girlfriend. I know exactly how I'm going to do it and where so, don't expect this be a typical post filled with anxiety and whatnot. I'm more simply asking to see what others' experiences have been with the sort of thing. How was your magical moment where you started down your life path with your significant other? Is there anything you would have changed if you could? I hope to hear from many of you romantics out there.
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@mrgeebee (133)
• United States
7 Feb 09
i knew from the moment i met my wife she was the one for me ,, one night we went out for dinner , i really didnt say a thing , i pushed the little red box across the table and watched her face . she says whats this , i said its a gift of a lifetime of happeness. she cried , we went to vegas and tied the knot . well its been 12 years , were still happy , and for christmas , she got another ring , her choice , can you believe it , her choice was cheaper than mine .good luck and lots of happeness in the future
• United States
7 Feb 09
That's a great story and many years to you and your wife. I feel much the same about my soon to be fiancee. (sorry for my lack of an accent acute) She challenges me, makes my day so much happier than I ever thought possible, and really keeps me grounded. Thanks a lot for your well wishes.
@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
6 Feb 09
..It was great when we started being together.. full of smiles and laughter, though there are misunderstandings sometimes, but that is still part of a relationship. both partners just need to be open minded and humble willing to understand each others weaknesses..
• United States
7 Feb 09
Thanks for your response! Sounds like you're in a good place :-)
@miccant (154)
• United States
10 Feb 09
My husband and I dated in High School split up and went different ways. Five years later we say each other again and It was like we never split up. He was then and is still now my best friend.