do you have a favorite quote??

United States
February 6, 2009 9:32pm CST
there are quotes for almost everything, what is one of yours? and why does it appeal to you? "some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. from what ive tasted of desire i hold with those who favor fire. but if it had to perish twice, i think i know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice" -robert frost
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@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
7 Feb 09
My favorite is "Failure, more than success, is the beginning of wisdom", I like this quote because I feel that my life is a total failure but I don't think it is the reason to give up hope and aspirations. Every day I always cling to some hope and dreams, so when I read this quote I begin to like it. The former president of IBM, once said "If you want to succeed faster then double your failure", because it is through failure that we can learn our mistakes why we always fail and avoid those mistakes as much as possible.
• United States
7 Feb 09
aw i like those. there good quotes especially when your experiencing failure. believe i know about failure =]
• United States
22 Feb 09
My favorite is from John Miltons Paradise Lost: "The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven." It reminds me that my life is what I make it and that depends less on what I do than on what I think about it.