Do you have a Phobia?

February 6, 2009 10:28pm CST
SO how many people have a phobia of one thing or another of maybe more then one thing. I DO! I have a phobia of spiders so i guess that is knows as arachophobia. Most people dont know why they have phobia's however i believe I do. When i was a teenager i was out with my freinds hanging out, I had a lung infection and was on inhalers. So i am hanging out and go to take my inhaler, well one of my "freinds" had managed to get a hold of my inhaler and place a spider inside the lid. When i opened it i screamed so loud, I couldnt breath i nearly fainted i needed to sit. Thinking back it was proboply halarious to everyone watching lol. But this is where my phobia started! So do you have a phobia, and do you know why you have that phobia?
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@loveyevi (513)
• United States
7 Feb 09
Well, I sorta have two phobias. I say sorta because I am not deathly and illogically afraid of these things, but im getting there. The first is a phobia of feet. I can't stand anyone touching me with there feet or even getting close to me with them. My sister found this to be hilarious and would always try to get her feet on me, or her and one of our friends would hold me down and torture me (mostly in good fun). I think it started when I was around 10 and I had a friend with the most disgusting huge feet ever, she was always bear foot and they were just disgusting, her toes were as long as my fingers. Ever since then, I say keep your nasty feet away from me, lol. The second is a phobia of objects with tiny little holes in them. This is a hard one to explain but anything with tiny little holes places close together scares me. A natural sponge is a good example of one of the things that I would be scared of. I'm not sure where this started, but I vaguely recall a dream I had a long time ago with some girl who had tiny little holes in her upper lip and it scared me.