silliest prank ever????

February 6, 2009 11:31pm CST
My sis and I are great friends...we fight a lot. I keep irritating her to the core..I have played many pranks on her...for instance one night I made her believe there was ghost in our room and she was terrified like anything...It was great fun watching her reactions..Now that she is married i miss her a lot and the pranks that i used to do.. so ppl what is the silliest prank u have done to Ur sister or brother???? good day!!! :);)
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@tewiawi (63)
• Philippines
7 Feb 09
When I was in high school, it was announced "class suspended" due to a storm but only a signal no.2 I guess. And since it was reported, I didn't come to school. But my guy friend called up and ask me if there are classes, I told him "yes". So he did go to school only to find out that the class was suspended. He called me up again to inform me what happened. I just laughed but I realized what I did was wrong. I apologize for my childish act.
• India
7 Feb 09
that was really interesting... :);)
• United States
23 Feb 09
back when I was in high school me and some of my guy friends helped me pull a prank on my older sister. My older sister is a really deep sleeper. So while she was asleep we picked up her mattress and sat it to the side and took her bed apart and moved it into the yard next door. the next morning she got woke up at 4 am by the water sprinklers. =)