Do you think 'THE LAW OF ATTRACTION' can help you make more money?

February 7, 2009 12:27am CST
Have you seen the move 'The Secret' or heard of 'The Law Of Attraction' (LOA)? Basically this law and 'The Secret' state that whatever you think about consistently, with feeling and belief, will gradually become a reality in your life. So if you consistently believe with strong feeling and focus that you will make a lot of money and you do not waver from this belief and you do all in your power to make it happen NOTHING CAN STOP IT FROM HAPPENING because you will have activated this law of attraction. Do you believe this? Have you ever had any experience with the LOA? Have you ever used creative visualisation or positive affirmations to get what you want? Has it ever worked for you?
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@plasma (675)
• India
7 Feb 09
No. I haven't seen that movie but I would be much eager to know if LOA really works? I want to change everything in my life and need good amount of help out of those things because my problems are more mental than physical.
@cybearn (117)
• Indonesia
7 Feb 09
Yea.. I watched this too while back, i think it's work, but it is very hard to attain the level on those movie, you know, without any doubt.. I have tried many times but my inner feeling always deny what i am thinking. One day i was trading with happy feeling and with positive thinking about the market will come along with me, and that day i won all of my trade. I dunno whether it is because of that LOA of i just lucky.. :D Do you have anymore resource like that movie?
@glords (2615)
• United States
7 Feb 09
Im not sure that a positive attitude could be enough, though I'm sure it couldn't hurt to keep that mentality.
7 Feb 09
Spot on!!! There are many people who think it's all about repeating positive stuff and doing nothing else. But thinking without DOING is going to get those people nowhere fast. You are so right when you say it couldn't hurt to keep that mentality, in fact it helps a lot as you fight through the inevitable setbacks, delays, mistakes, losses and all that other negative stuff that can happen to us on our journey to becoming rich.
@savmot (261)
7 Feb 09
Your feelings need to be sincere, not just an attempt to trick the universe into giving you money. You can't trick universal laws.