Is it just me or is everyone addicted to Bebo??

February 7, 2009 3:24am CST
I cant help but wonder what on earth i am thinking still awake at three in the morning looking at someones profile,the 'someone' whom i dont even like....I find myself constantly looking for photo opportunities when im out just so i can get a new pic on my Bebo page...I check it every chance i get just incase im missing some vital gossip,which usually im not....I rarely pone anyone nowadays, communication is done through Bebo and Bebo alone...sound familiar?!?
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@HADDOWZ (1481)
16 Apr 10
I think alot of people started out social networking on Bebo, I know I did. But it has lost alot of it's charm now, it seems to have lost direction, which is why I now prefer to use Facebook. I did spend hours on Bebo before but not now, I dont even spend that much time on Facebook, just a quick look to see any new updates or messages. Most of the people I network with I see socially anyway so it gets alittle pointless. I have heard rumours that the plug may be pulled from Bebo as it's popularity has dropped drasticly in the last 6 months and the owners dont feel it is worth the huge investment needed to get it back up to standard is worth it. So maybe your addiction to Bebo may soon be cured, without even trying. Have a cool day. Keep myLotting.
@starlitn (67)
• New Zealand
14 Mar 10
Yes I was addicted to bebo. This reason being, I got to catch up with my old friends from school and also my family. But now I don't go on it as much. But, you can guarantee I'll check up for any comments or messages. And I nearly always do recieve a message. Altho I have signed up with facebook too. visit my site:
11 Apr 09
I used to be "Addicted" to Bebo, i had an account for nearly 3 years, and didnt think i would delete it but, I did, its getting tedious and boring. Bebo is getting far too comercialised..not that there is anything wrong with that, is a way of making money - which in turn will provide more services for its members...unfortunately certain things like all these boring, childish and tedious applications get on my nerves, and although facebook has some, you can control them all under one application for example....and Bebo just got too much cluttered...also the fact that I wasnt getting enough "traffic" on my account so, I decided to delete it...
@bigv038 (66)
23 Mar 09
To be fair Bebo is for kids and teenagers! Facebook is more for adults! Most of the people I know would agree with what you have said but with Facebook instead!