Britains Economy

February 7, 2009 7:12am CST
What do you think of the state of the economy in Britain. Do you think its Gordon Browns fault the country is in the state it is and do you think he should be replaced or is a General Election needed ?
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@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
7 Feb 09
I think that Britain is facing a recession very sadly and figures look similar to 1991 with many companies going down. I don't think it is Gordon Brown's fault and things probably wouldn't get better if Britain had a General Election. The banking is in a bad way and people are finding they can't borrow. Prices of goods have gone up a lot. Looking at the world many countries are not in their best shape financially. Welcome to My Lot.
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@patbinc (57)
• Haiti
7 Feb 09
My friend, hope all is well with you in spite of the state of the British economy. You worries are justified. However it's important to note that we are at a stage in history where no one man holds significant influence over the local and global trends, where the sum of man's collective responsibility is greater than the perceived value of any one leader. We are at a stage where even our leaders do not have answers, where they are forced to react rather than act. The financial problems afflicting most nations today, Britain included, are unprecedented and require more than an election and a change in leadership. Some of the most stable economies are struggling and whole countries are being declared bankrupt. You must understand that even as leaders worldwide struggle to change things and take countries back to economic prosperity, almost all solutions being sought and tried are on a trial and error basis. In this context Gordon Brown is just like any one of us, a leader caught up in the middle of events that not even him at his age has ever experienced. Meaning if we kick him out of office, we are going to elect somebody else who is equally clueless and where does that eave us? Back to square zero. My friend, this is one of the few times in history when change might mean nothing!
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@gbolly54 (662)
• Nigeria
7 Feb 09
No nation can be singled out for being responsible for the current global economic/financial crisis. All the nations of the world have had a hand in the crisis, one way or the other. For this reason, it would be unfair on Gordon Brown to punish him with electoral failure for the offence committed jointly and severally by all - individuals, professional and corporate bodies, and governments. An unsustainable trend had been building up all over the world. There had been unsustainably high reward systems for the executives of the corporate world; there had been unsustainable wage demands by labour and their grant by company executives; there had been fake and unsustainable increases in the prices of crude oil; there had been the escalating negative activities of economic saboteurs and socio-political terrorists; there had been the spate of wrong investments in wars and other counter-productive activities by governments; indeed, there had been an enduring and massive mismatch between costs and revenues among individuals, corporate bodies and governments. The market system had been badly corrupted and abused. The whole world is now crushed under the weight of the consequenses of the violation of the economic principles on the one hand, and the failure to recognize the limitations of the market system, on the other. The problem is a fundamental one, and requires a fundamental solution by the joint players. Gordon Brown is not the issue. All of us are.
@us2owls (1681)
• United States
7 Feb 09
I am from the USA but spend a lot of time in England with my British husband. I think the things here in Britain are worse than the USA -- the price of everything is skyrocketing - food goes up on an almost daily basis and for the most part the quality is poor. Do I blame Gordon Brown ? - yes I do. He was Chancellor before becoming PM and he drew up the budgets which have got England into a lot of the trouble they are in. He is in my opinion a total waste of space. A General Election at this time would hae to be called by Gordon Brown and he isn't man enough to do it because if polls are to be believed at the present time he would lose and he sure doesn't want that. My husband has supported labour all his life - he might not vote against them but at the present time he sure wouldn't vote for them as long as Brown is in there.
@smacksman (6074)
7 Feb 09
I would like to see a General Election as I think Brown has made a hash of it. His advisors should be shot! I mean what difference has reducing VAT to 15% made in boosting sales - absolutly nothing. Yet we will need to find that lost income from somewhere.
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