Are you happy with your online earnings or would you like to earn more?

February 7, 2009 8:59am CST
How much more would you like to earn each month? How much do you think is realistic? Do you know anyone making $1000 regularly each month? I would like to make at least that much how do you think I should go about it?
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@Jouhar (409)
• India
8 Feb 09
I haven't made just a penny through internet . I'm working hard to make a payment here
@browneyed (2526)
• United Kingdom
7 Feb 09
Hi imaginearea, HOW MUCH WOULD I LIKE TO EARN ONLINE EACH MONTH?: Well, as much as I can, frankly. Though I often tend to visualise a limit on how much I want, why should I? I can only earn as much or as little as I say or think I can. So, in answer to that question, my spiritual self says "the sky's the limit...and beyond", while my human self says "$1000 a month would be good, then we'll see how it goes from there". DO I THINK IT'S REALISTIC?: Yes, as I've come close to earning that much in a month in the past (just under $800 last October). DO I KNOW ANYONE MAKING $1000 A MONTH?: Yes...and more.,,,,, to name a few. HOW DO I THINK YOU SHOULD GO ABOUT IT?: Well, that bit's up to you. There are tons of ways to earn money online - writing, proofreading, editing, affiliate marketing, graphic design, web programming, consulting, domain selling, blog flipping, etc. It just depends on what you're interested in and/or what you think you're good at. good luck and take care...
• United States
7 Feb 09
The easiest way to earn a lot of money online is through referrals. I make just about all of my money through referrals, and that is about 500 dollars a month. If you are looking for a couple of good websites that actually pay check out my profile. I listed on there two of the websites I make the most money on that ARE NOT a scam.
• Singapore
7 Feb 09
$1000 per month is y target and my earning is only 300 but I feel happy with it. It is similar to offline, needing a lot of efforts
• Chennai, India
7 Feb 09
$1000 a month?'s tooooooo big for me. I hardly make $50 to $75 (sometimes $100) every month. I am happy about that but not satisfied with that. I too want that $1000 a month. or even $100000 a month. Just a wish. I don't have any idea about that, however.