why it is hard to choose between a friend and the one that you love?

@grace24 (1050)
February 8, 2009 12:16am CST
i have experienced this before..i have a friend who likes a guy, all of us were friends. I know that my girl friend likes that guy for a long time. I thought that they were going to be more than friends because the guy knows that the girl likes him. Then one time the boy told the girl to find other guy because he didn't like her. Its easier for me to talked with that guy because he is also my friend and one of the person that i knew for a long time. I asked him on why he did that to my girl friend then he told me that he doesn't love her and he is in love with me. The thing is..i also like that guy but i dont know what to do..i dont want my friend to be hurt so even i also like that guy..i rejected him even it is hard for me to do. I value my friendhip with that girl but after all the things that i have done she feels like that i cheated her. She told me that she consider me as one of her closest friend that she have. She thinks that i betrayed her because i am the one that she always talked about that guy and she cant imagine that this will happen to her. Did i make a mistake?where did i go wrong?i did my best to reconcile with her because i dont want our friendship to be ruined. I let the guy to court me but i rejected him because i know that my friend is more important than him. The thing is..my friend doesn't want to believe me. do you experience this before?whom do you choose between the two?
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@atish19 (180)
• Mauritius
8 Feb 09
I would suggest you to talk to her, she will understand. don't worry, she'll be back to your life. I was once in the same situation, but it was similar to your case. The only thing was that i had never express my love for the girl whom i loved. And i told her friend that i don't love her. Then later we became only good friends. And now everyone have their partner. And we are all happy to be only good friends.