showing disapproval of smokers when you're in a smoking area: impolite or not?

February 8, 2009 11:02am CST
a lot of public places now have smoking areas/ sections. smokers are banned from lighting up when they are in non-smoking areas. my boyfriend asked me if i thought it was impolite for non-smokers to grimace in disapproval whenever they pass by a smoking area. he said if smokers are supposed to respect the decision of non-smokers to not light up in non-smoking areas, then non-smokers should respect the decision of smokers to light up in smoking areas. they should therefor not grimace or show overt signs of annoyance and disapproval. what do you think? i haven't answered my boyfriend's question. is showing annoyance (as a non-smoker) in a smoking area considered inappropriate? share your thoughts. :)
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8 Feb 09
I agree with your b/f if the smokers are being polite and not smoking around the non smokers then they should respect them. Smokers really get a raw deal, they are the ones standing out in the rain just to have a smoke. I think their should be smoking rooms like in the old days. Non smokers have no need to enter then complain. :0)x
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19 Feb 09
haha perhaps that's true. it's a given that smoking is a bad habit, but if a person choses to do it in a place MEANT for smoking, then non-smokers shouldn't go there then show signs if disapproval. a smoking area is not meant for non-smokers...