Alcoholic Security Staff

February 8, 2009 9:58pm CST
We were out at a dance club last night and one of the security guards asked my husband if he would pick her up some drinks .... she was going to give him the money and all he had to do was buy the drink (shots of drinks) and she would come by whenever she could sneak away, and drink them. My husband said no. We knew for several weeks that she has an alcohol dependency. We even spoke to the owner of the club about it. We speak to the owner often about a lot of things and have become chummy over the months - so now we find ourselves genuinely worried about the best interest of the club and it's owners, and the well being of it's staff and patrons. Anyhow, friends of ours joined our booth shortly afterwards and within minutes, he had purchased a shot of drinks for the security guard and had it waiting for her at our table. We explained that she's not supposed to be drinking at all when she's working and that he really shouldn't buy her any more drinks. He apologized and that, I thought, was the end of until I saw the security guard later in the evening, sneaking around with a drink and ducking behind walls to avoid being caught by the owners. I felt trapped between our party friends (who also happen to be my husbands work colleagues) and our newer friends (who happen to own the club). So as my husband requested, I said nothing about it last night. He wants me to call her during the week or just let it ride and hope that she gets caught on her own. I should have said something right away, I think. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?
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@KrauseHome (35514)
• United States
9 Feb 09
Wow, she has no right being a Security Guard in a place like this if she has a drinking problem, and you should make sure and call the owner and mention something to them. What if something was to happen there, and the Security Guard was too drunk to do anything? This is definately not good, and it sounds like this person needs some definate help. You may think it is telling on them, and might be wrong, but isn't it better to try and help someone out before someone ends up getting hurt there as well?
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• Canada
9 Feb 09
I agree. She needs help quickly and even if she decides she doesn't want help, at the very least, she must stay sober while she's working. I already told the owner last week, but now I think I should have told her again on Saturday while the security was there and in a drunken state.