PSEUDOSCORPIONS .. Fascinating little things

Janesville, Wisconsin
February 8, 2009 11:03pm CST
First time I saw one I was 9 years old just watered my little plant, and I used to leave a tiny barbie doll glass with one drop of water in it before I left school. (offering to the fairies) Then if there was any left tip it into my plant... But usually when I came home it was empty.. one day I went to water my plant.. and saw a bunch of tiny pseudo scorpions crawl out of it. I ran downstairs and told my roomies! We have a bunch of mini scorpions in my room! they are gonna hurt us! ... They laughed told me I was seeing things... So then my next goal... Was to catch some to prove it... took me three months to catch one of those little buggers I learned they liked to hide under pieces of paper. I remember chasing the little bugger all around the room, Finally I caught it... With a piece of tape.. Then my a resident went nuts and thought it was a crab lice! lol.. and ran it to the doctor to verify her claim, the doctor told her it that it was a pseudoscorpion so I went Nana told you it was a scorpion! .. Then she said they are not harmful.. I said I figured that out it can not pierce my skin.. and I noticed they like to ride around on my fingernails.. Later I learned what they ate I considered them my little pets... Until my mother cleaned my bedroom... I had them for quite a while.. Because I remember them mating and new little pseudo scorpions were born. I just kept them in a peat moss dish with barely any peat stuff in it, gave it a little moisture and put paper over half of it..... I no longer do this.. although some day I would love to have my little bug pets again lol... Now when I find them I catch them and take them outside.. but I used to press tape on them, and then take them to school and give it to my science teachers they were always thrilled by it.... Here is a site I found about them. Did you ever find one of these and panic? Not many insects make me panic only ticks did.. but that is why it caught my attention I thought it was a tick at first and when I saw its little pincers I ran off its scorpion! .. did not help that I watched a national geographic special on scorpions the night before. I giggle about that now :D ... oh and I had them in some old bug catcher thing on top of that so they could not escape well most of the time... - DNatureofDTrain
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@riyasam (16571)
• India
9 Feb 09
i have never been that lucky dut i do have a colony of spiders staying at my is mine and my kids little secret.if they were(elders)were to know about it,they would definrtly freak out.