Difficult Question:Whats your Philosophy of LIFE ?

February 9, 2009 3:23am CST
My philosophy is that : Life is like a mirror ,what you do determines what you see and get ....SO this kind of philosophy helps me do the right thing and take right decisions ,when i come to a dilemma.......... What s yours ?
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@Lindery (854)
• Latvia
9 Feb 09
My philosophy of life is simple - do things you want to do but don't hurt anyone on your way to reach the goals! Treat people the same as you want them to treat you. Don't be afraid from life, it is too short to get stuck. My goals are kids. That's my main philosophy - to raise a next generation and leave something from ME in my kids. So, there is a point of me having on this earth!
@krupesh (2608)
• India
9 Feb 09
Philosophy of life will be different between each person.A persons philosophy vary depending on ones life experience.I beleive that no two people will have seen the life the same way.There would be many people with the same philosophy in life but none would be exactly the same.I will share my ideas & thoughts on what is my philosophy of life.The experience of life has made me change my way of thinking more than once , am sure it may change once again according to the changes in my life. What is my purpose of life?why are we here? what is the point of life? There is a thought that the purpose of life is known only to the GOD , that he has chosen it much before we were born and that we are here for someone else.If I would have asked this question 8-10 years back I would have no idea.Back then I had no idea why I am here & what for I am here.Only thing which was coming to my mind was only partying.Then my philosophy would have been LIVE & ENJOY ONE DAY AT A TIME. But life has given me more experience now that I have to value respect , trust & honesty.Now my philosophy is "BE REALISTIC IN WHATEVER YOU DO".
@ktosea (2026)
• China
9 Feb 09
Mine is that:Do what you want and never look back.