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@lalapuff (290)
February 9, 2009 4:26am CST
I was searching for anything in here mylot that has to do with the book, The Witch of Portobello and i found only but one discussion..written a year ago..with not even much delving done (hey no offense to that post, even I could have posted the same thing if i were in that person's situation, say, it's the middle of the twilight saga and I just found a book when it was supposedly out of stock) Well, i don't know. maybe it's just really a weird book with a vague theme but I think it's great. It has somehow the same hints as what's in eleven minutes although each book still has a different story. The story behind this is, i didn't bought the book. it was a Christmas gift from a friend of mine and I delayed reading it by almost a month? because I was engrossed reading Eclipse then (haha). And when I started "witch" I initially found it boring, hard to read, not much of an entertaining book. And now, since I think I'm having (or entering into) a quarter-life crisis, it is one of the perfect companions I could say, especially if a major factor in that crisis is your current job and you're looking for your passion. I haven't finished reading the book (i think i'm midway) and for me, it's the kind of book you don't rush reading. It takes sometime, it includes pondering, reflection and better yet, sharing =) so like this one, i'm doing since i don't have anybody to share it to right away. I would like to quote some lines from the book but so sad i don't remember them exactly but it goes something like, when you learn (or try something new?), learn with somebody and not just by your yourself so when you make a mistake, someone will help you get things right. Happy myLotting!!! ÜÜÜ
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@tryxiness (4548)
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2 Aug 09
I am wondering why your title is this is so sad. Anyways, Paulo Coelho's book is mind-soul provoking. You really have to dig deeply and have a lot of introspection in the process. Anyways, I am curious of the book now - but I like the "quote" you have shared.