Clarkson, thatcher

February 9, 2009 1:08pm CST
A British celebrity jeremy clarkson was recently made to apologise for calling thr prime minister a "one eyed scottish idiot". Carol thatcher, another "celebrity" was also fired from her job for saying that a black tennis tennis player looked "like a golliwog" Clarkson said he was sorry he called him scottish, sorry he called him one eyed, but he was not sorry abut calling him an idiot. Carol thatcher refuses to apologise. Do you think either of them should be made to apologise?
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@joniebee (182)
9 Feb 09
Hi there 3cardmonte,I myself live in Britain and have been seeing these two events you mentioned unfold infront of the nation.First of all i think Jeremy Clarkson,Who of course is earning vast sums of license payers money,And of course jetting off all over the world,Should be fired for coming out with such personal and vile comments about the prime minister,Whatever his opinion on Gordon Brown is he shouldn't be saying these things in public,Also the fact that he said these thing's whilst in Australia is even worse,As he is representing the nation out there,It was very stupid of him,And i see he did apologise,For part of the offensive remarks,But not all. Regarding Carol Thatcher,My own personal opinion is that she was totally out of order to make those remarks,Wether she meant to be or not,They where racist,And hurtful,To call someone a "frog golliwog" is just completely unacceptable,And i feel her decision not to make a public apology was very dim indeed,And leaves me thinking she doesn't feel she did anything wrong.
9 Feb 09
I agree about thatcher, she doesnt think she did anything wrong. As for clarkson, I think to make fun of the PMs blindness in one eye is quite off and the scottish thing was not good and for that he should have been made to apologise. But how many people have called the PM an idiot? they do it at LEAST once a week on have I got news for you!