Quantifying the "Time Is Money" saying. In other words, what it COULD mean...

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February 9, 2009 9:20pm CST
Saviour-V teleports in, and grins at his audience... We've all heard of the old adage "Time Is Money"... Saviour-V notices a large set of yellow Styrofoam letters that spell out the adage in question JUST a few metres away from him, and walks over to them... ....and most people who've heard it will often tell you that it's because once time passes you by, it's gone for good. Well, that's true, in a way. Still... He then kicks the letters hard enough to send them off into the sunset, before hitting a switch that pulls down a white-board from the ceiling.... ...allow me to quantify the saying, the way most of us would LOVE to hear it. Saviour-V takes out a white-board pen from his Dimensional Pocket, and starts writing out a question on the board... Consider the following, ladies and gents: If you could get 1 US dollar for every second that elapses in your life, how much would you get in a day? Saviour-V pauses for a moment, before writing out some calculations... [b]For every minute: USD 1.00 X 60 seconds = USD 60.00 . For every hour: USD 60.00 X 60 minutes = USD 3600.00 . For every day: USD 3600.00 X 24 hours = USD 86,400.00 .[/b] Take a good look, people. THAT is how you quantify the "Time Is Money" adage. Trouble is, that most of our younger selves spend lots of money on education... Saviour-V writes out a few more calculations on the board, before turning to face his audience again.... ...only to get a job that pays a VERY miniscule USD 500 - 700 a month. Which boils down to about less than a cent per second. Pitiful indeed. Don't get me wrong, people. If you enjoy your job, then you'd do it no matter how much you're paid. I know, because I've been there. But I just believe that we're all not really reaching our true potential here. Even at the rate of a single US cent per second, having USD 864 a day is good enough to spend on getting groceries and paying off a few bills, as opposed to being tight-fisted before the 15th of every month. Here, I'm only advocating that we should aim towards our full potential, and that the average person IS capable of doing this. The only thing needed here would be the answer to "Why do you want to get that much money?" I have my own reasons. Aside from travelling to places I've never been, I'd also want to become a philantropist on a greater scale. And perhaps finally get that PSP that I've been lusting for a long time now...^_^;; As for how we're going to do it, well, that's why we're here! We could discuss plans and see how they go, and as we improve on them, God willing, the better our chances will be. What do you say, folks? Saviour-V presses the switch again, and the white-board is lifted back up into its hatch on the ceiling... I say that we should get a few ideas going, and some research, too. After all, this is an area for making lots of money, and I think we're all worth that effort. Saviour-V grins, and teleports out...
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