Without a Job, Who Are You?

@scheng1 (24733)
February 10, 2009 3:11am CST
The society places a lot of emphasize on achievements. In Singapore context (probably worldwide also), we value each other based on silly superficial factors. For example, if you are smart enough to enter the top school, you can walk proudly. Your parents will feel proud. Later on in life, we are valued based on the designation we hold in the company. No matter what company in fact, as long as our namecard shows "Manager" "Director" and such fancy titles. So much so that when we are retrenched, we do not know how to introduce ourselves. Who am I without a job? No longer can we say "I'm so and so, Production Manager of XXX company". No longer can our children tell their friends "My daddy is a Manager, he bosses over many, many people". So without a job, who are you?
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@mimiang (3777)
• Philippines
10 Apr 09
I will be an entrepreneur.I will vend a lot of things
@scheng1 (24733)
• Singapore
10 Apr 09
That will be nice. Hopefully your family will support you. Many people lack the support of family for starting a business. Starting a business is always riskier than working full time. But the rewards of being a successful businessman is much more than climbing the corporate ladder.