if you are chinese,can you tell me about your character?

February 10, 2009 4:03am CST
Chinese peopel's character.some foreigners think chinese people are very clever and they are changeable personality.some foreigners think chinese people are very kindness.^^what do you think of?
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• China
10 Feb 09
I am a chinese girl .Perhaps when most foreigners mentioned chinese ,they will think they are clever and diligent ,even when we introduce ourselves to other countries ,we also say like that .Indeed ,some chinese are clever and cunning ,ourpersonality is changable ,but no different from you guys ,we are human being ,the same as you except different race .One thing i can definately make sure is that although we are different but most chinese would like to hold a kind attitude toward the others ..What point i want to make ,you can not judge a person by his nationality ?colour?race and so on ,we are sincere to the people who are kind to us ,we would like tread all the people as our friends if you are treat us as yours .I am just a simple person ,my character is also very changable and emontioned ,if you want kown more about our perple and chance offered ,you can come to china ,you will find they are totally different from your imagination .^-^ It seems i am out of points,but this is what i want to say
• China
13 Feb 09
yeah,i think so too.mang people are different,and many people are not different.