what all are the things u do on your PSP....??? most awkward thing being the ...

February 10, 2009 8:01am CST
hi everyone... the question is simple as it looks.. what all are the things u do on oyur psp..??Most awkward thing being the first.. i know all psp lovers will not love the way i used my psp... when i first got it... i dint hav any game for it.. i dint even hav a usb cable to load songs.. so i wanted to use my psp in strange fashion...that by using my PSP as a PAPER WEIGHT ....yes a costly gorgeous paper weight... after a few days my parents bought me few games...then i started using it in the way which is meant to be... now i play god of war, burnout, fifa, tennis.... listen to songs ... i'm so addicted to it that i cant leave it my classroom too..... so, wht did u do wit ur PSP/...
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@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
1 Mar 09
Aside from playing games, listening to music, watching video clips, viewing images and surfing the net, I guess I have used it to show off.. Unconsciously and consciously, I guess. I was too proud that I was able to buy a PSP with the money that I was able to save and there I bring it out whenever I can but, on actuality, I couldn't even bring it out of my pocket when I do bring it along since, I don't get the chance. I'm often busy with the things that I am doing out so, I guess bringing out is completely useless for me. Even when I went to a resort, I wasn't really playing it or using it to surf the net, even though that people in the resort could avail the wireless services there. Hmmm, I guess I have also used it as a flash disk since I still had more spaces available during those times and I didn't have a USB flash disk with me, I just suggested the idea and so, I used it to store a few important files. Kind'a awkward since everyone was using USB flash disks and there I was with this PSP, preparing something important. I kept on thinking if others could take me seriously at that time.. (^_^")
@spidyan (133)
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
Usually I used to play everyday, listening to music, I can't live without PSP, thats i need to buy a new battery pack. Do you download games? or use UMD?
@060157 (1060)
• Pakistan
22 Feb 09
i have installed a pdf reader in my psp and use it to read books on my psp. i have about 50 books saved on my psp, but i am reading them one at a time. i ahve also saved the solution manuals to my course books and use it when i don't have much time to switch on the computer.