How to apply make up that would look natural?

@flojever (403)
February 10, 2009 8:06am CST
Hi everyone, Do you have some tips on how to look natural with make up? I've seen people who wore make up and ended up looking like clowns, but I've also seen people who're good at applying make up that looks very natural. I like to learn the tricks as we are required at work to put on some make up. I want my make up to look natural.
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@tudors (1556)
• China
10 Feb 09
You are right. people who are apt at making up make their face look natural, hardly find the trace of make up. I've learned a little about it when I worked at Avon company. Let's take eyeshadow for example. The simplest way is to buy a colors in 1 eyeshadow compact. the colors are picked up belonging to the same hue. First rub the lightest color on the whole eyelid to make our skin like a painting paper, then apply the darkest to the upper eyeline, it can be rough and not very thin line because it will soon be covered by the next color. Last the lighter strecth above the dark. Done ! better use wool brush. All these colors are mixed naturally like a whole due to their same color hue. Happy try.
@ljbinkop (744)
• United States
10 Feb 09
True that Avon teaches you a lot about makeup! I only did it for a year, and only recently stopped, but it was fun for a while. Good tips!