So You Still Do Not Believe That A Thousand Little Cuts Kill Liberty

@gewcew23 (8011)
United States
February 10, 2009 10:44am CST
When government decided to outlaw the incandescent light some of you said, "Well that is good". When government decided to out outlaw trans fats some of you said, "Well that is good". When government decided to outlaw smoking in the public some of you said, Well that is good". When government decided to outlaw certain firearm some of you said, "Well that is good". Now the wizards of safety have decided to outlaw inhalers that uses chlorofluorocarbons, or better known as CFCs to propel the badly need medication into the lungs. Not because the cfcs are dangerous to the human body but because some of those cfcs might escape into the atmosphere and damage the ozone layer. So for the 40 million Americans who suffer from asthma you will be able to purchase a product that cost twice as much and is not as reliable. Sure it is easy to accuse some politician of being a Fascist when that politician wants to uses warrantless wiretaps but is it not still fascism when a politician with a wave of their hands outlaws a product that you use? Is it not the same liberty that is being trampled on?
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
11 Feb 09
I would think that they should first invent a product that is as effective or more and costs the same or less before banning a product on a suppose danger to the ozone layer. Was not the chlorfluorocarbons also used in those aerosal cans that we used to used for hairspray and spray our non-stick pans? I have used the pump sprays and they are not that good and for someone who needs to pump inhalers into their lungs or else they would die, it is not that good. I would say they have to consider is the health of the person who needs the inhalant more important that the ozone layer. But I guess I see what they consider more important.
• United States
10 Feb 09
That is pretty terrible. I guess Obama's one daughter, who has asthma is not using that kind of medicine, but if she needed it, it would not be happening. Our freedom is being taken from us all the time. I am a nonsmoker. However, I am against outlawing smoking in a restaurant. I think there should be smoking and nonsmoking sections. Once you take away one freedom, it is so easy to take away more. Some people don't even notice it happening.
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