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February 10, 2009 1:34pm CST
ok so here's the scoop about two years ago i stepped out on my husband, we were having problems and at the time i didn't think we could get past them nor was i really wanting to put the effort into trying to get past them. So anyhow met this guy at the adult highschool i was attending we hit it off right way and became very close friends then corny as it sounds lovers. Like everything was very intense with us lol. wow!!!! anyhow i got busted redhanded and my husband asked if we could try once more to work things out, so we started working on our marriage, the guy and i remained friends and hide our friednship from my husband for the longest time, then the guy was getting mad cause i wouldn't stand up to my husband. So i stand up for our friendship, and even my husband starts to give him a chance, we take him in off the streets since his ex gf kicked him out and he starts on me again about how he cares about me and trying to convince me how i'm better off with him and not my husband etc. So he ends up moving out cause he ain't getting his own way, i cut ties with him entirely. He still continues to harras me, and my family. Cops won't do nothing cause it's online and cause there is no threat of physical voilence. i have changed email address, locked down profiles, even deleted guestbook from my site, and still this man will find ways of getting to me. he joined camfrog and came in the room i always go in harrasing me, he got banned from there by IP address. He has a gf and swears i am the worst mistake of his life, hates me with a passion but yet he can't leave me alone. any suggestions?
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14 Feb 09
Like I've told you before, he's only being this way because he knows he can still get under your skin. If you just ignore it and don't let it show that it bothers you, after awhile he'll stop bothering you cause it will have no effect on you and he'll get bored of wasting his time