If you had to choose, who would be your all time greates video game villian?

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February 10, 2009 9:32pm CST
Right off for me I have to go with Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII (FFVII.). This guy is the epitome of Super strong character going bad. For those who have played the game know what I'm talking about, This dude right off the back had some of the most devastating moves early in the game and they just kept scaling up as your progressed. Cool, Calm, Collected and to be admired and at the same time feared. When he broke down the dude went on a serious mass murdering spree and no one could stop him. no matter how you kill him somebody always wants to bring Sephiroth back. is in my book the Ultimate. So great is this dude that he has been featured in numerous games and still portrayed as one bad MOFO, hear me now!!!!!!
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11 Feb 09
My fav villain is Victor Vondoom from Fantastic 4. He is heavy powerfull and uses ectricty like there is no limit. I think he is very powerfull and could easyly beat any of the Fantastic 4 guys. He was supposed to be beaten in the first movie but he reapears in the second. There is just no stopping him. Im rooting for him.
@rya729 (22)
11 Feb 09
I'm with you there roby i can't think of a way to make victor vondoom more evil unless he becomes a zombie
@Desmont (80)
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21 Apr 09
I would have to say Ultimecia from FFVIII, I mean this bad@$$ b¡†¢h compressed time and space into one reality and transcended time and space to try to rule over the world, not to mention she had a castle full of boss class monsters to hinder you as you tried to get to her. *Slight spoiler* And face it, in the end all you didn't have to do anything to beat Sephiroth, you could just defend and he would fall over and die....
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12 Feb 09
The greatest video game villain of all time would have to be Bowser, King of the Koopas. Yes, I am big Mario geek, and have not really played any real video games as extensive as Final Fantasy and Fantastic IV. I don't like either of those really. I am a HUGE I mean GIGANTIC fan of the Halo series, but even in that, the enemy keeps changing and the Villain is elusive. So, for me it has to be Bowser. I mean come on, he spits fire, Conquers the Mushroom Kingdom, steals the Princess Peach, and locks her in a tower in one game, and every time you think you've found her WHAM, it's a turtle, or a duck or Toadstool! He gets away every time, and in the Nintendo 64 version of Mario, he makes the paintings come alive and you have to jump through there and collect a hell of a lot of stars JUST to get close to him. I mean, what other villain do you know that can take a beating and keep coming back for more and be even more creative than the last time, making Mario have to work even harder? I don't know any. Even in the cartoons he's a bad @$$ and lets everyone around him know it. You don't mess with the King of the Koopas! And let's not forget that in some cases he has even allied with Mario to conquer a common enemy. I just have to say, he rocks, for a villain that is!