Neutered but still spraying

February 10, 2009 11:53pm CST
I have 3 male cuties which are more that 2 years old each. The weird thing is i have had them neutered since they were 7 months old, and yet they still sprayed all over the house. This matter really bother's me, since i have been told by my vet that they won't sprayed after being neutered. And i have 1 female cat which i have not spayed yet...intend to do that this weekend...she's more than 2 years old you think that my 3 cuties behavior were attributes by the fact that the female cat have not been spayed. Anyone? PS: all my cuties are cats.
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@Caugh56 (58)
• United States
11 Feb 09
Because you have more than one male cat they are marking there teritory. That's a habit with male cats. Now if you had female cats they wouldnt' be doing that. I'm not sure if you spaying your female cat will solve all the problems but I hope for your sake they do. But for where they are sraying using the formula called "Out" It's in a white and red container. The solution in that container will make it so they wont spray in the area in which you use it. For some reason it keeps them away from it. You can buy it at a pet store and I think even Walmart carries it. ITs worth a try. Good luck.