Blocked Intrusions, worms or bots...

Janesville, Wisconsin
February 10, 2009 11:57pm CST
When our virus scans block intrusions from works or bots, do the scans themselves report them? Or, do we have to report them somewhere? I noticed my mother has have five intrusion attacks on her computer, and I have been getting about 2 daily on mine.. I cleaned it for spyware, malware, and viruses.. It appears mine are just cookies.. I delete right away... How do you go about reporting on a blocked intrusion? - DNatureofDTrain Update note: I found this link to help report badware:
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@kumarpslv (3218)
• India
11 Feb 09
Intrusions are not like virus, spy ware and worms.The virus and spy ware comes from external source through internet or with external storage devices and start residing in our system,uses our memory resource and then finally causes the system malfunction and slowdown. Intrusion are the external programs,tries to enter into our system then and there and collect our data and they will not stay in our system. The best way is to install the anti intrusion preventing software like Norton
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