Did you do your good deed for the day?

Waving hand - Waving at someone can be considered a good deed for the day
February 11, 2009 4:28am CST
Personally I think doing a good deed each day helps my Karma! Trust me when I tell you, I have enough problems in my life without having to worry about bad Karma also! Good deeds don't have to be anything big, I mean come on, no one is asking you to give a kidney or something, (most of the time), a good deed can be something as small as bending down and picking up something that someone close to you has dropped, a kind word, a smile, loaning someone your pen for a second so they can sign their name, helping an old lady across the street etc.! I promise you that these deeds do not go unnoticed. Every time you do a little something nice for someone, I guarantee you they will remember and remember kindly, because you have touched someones life, no matter how small, in a positive way and they will in turn feel like extending your kindness to someone they cross paths with. It really is like the Butterfly Effect, just one small kindness can reach across the entire World! So how about you? Do you like to help your Karma along and extend a kindness to someone each day or don't you bother? How do you think you would feel if a total stranger walked up to you today and smiled and said hello? (Other than thinking the person is a stalker)!;)
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@atish19 (180)
• Mauritius
11 Feb 09
I like helping some people, but i don't know about my karma. I had heard about it before but i forget it. Its good to hear that people trust in karma, bad deeds and good deeds
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• Netherlands
11 Feb 09
Hi Atish19! Well to be honest I try to do a good deed every day even if I wasn't thinking about Karma but I do happen to believe that what goes around comes around and if you do many bad things then bad things will come back to you and I just don't want to take any chances! I've done enough bad in my life so I hope now that I am more mature I can kind of make up for things I've done in the past. I Know I can't make up for the past and I wouldn't want to either, but I would like to think that I am a better person now and by doing a good deed maybe it will help one of my fellow men/women along the way! Thanks for responding! ;)