Cows milk!

Milking the Cow - A man is milking his cows sitting in the farm.
@Lindery (854)
February 11, 2009 9:15am CST
Do you drink cows milk? Or do you prefer a milk from goats? I remember early days when my neighbour kept cows and gave us fresh milk which we drunk straight from the can. It was still warm with feathery spume. Now health departments say that a fresh cows milk isn't good, you need to pasteurize it before drinking. But the funny thing I think of drinking a cow's milk (or a goat's milk) is: Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out"? How it all started?
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@vishwaskg (514)
• India
11 Feb 09
Hi there Maybe it was all to do with the human's need for existence in the world that instead of killing and eating ...he thought of extracting milk and consume,,,something to do with imitating the nature of drinking milk,,, so he thouht ,why not keep it for himself...and so started the domestication.. Thats a good idea to have milk straight out...and fresh ,,but be cautious ,, some do have harmful organisms... which needs heating else in some cases people do get sick.... As for me i enjoy Cows Milk... never tasted Goats .. Cheers Vishwas
@tudors (1556)
• China
11 Feb 09
I love cow milk because I'm used to it or i may like goat milk. It's a matter of habit. My friend says I should raise a cow since I love milk so wildly.
@moneymommy (3419)
• United States
11 Feb 09
I dont like milk at all. So I really dont drink milk. I eat other things that contain calcium. I never got to try goats milk but maybe I would like it better then cows dont know. How it all started? I dont know..